Friday, November 30, 2007


i intend to comment on my interests here and hopefully contextualize them within my worldview. namely, my interests are:

environmental vehicles
energy efficiency
electric anything (i'm an EE)
peak oil
cool cars
efficient and effective development
energy sources
unexpected scientific developments
appropriate technology

my worldview, ridiculously oversimplified:
1) we are moving towards a single unified world and this not only inevitable, but highly desirable
2) in the short term (for the next 50 yrs or so, i guess), we are facing major economic, social, environmental problems created largely by conflict-based materialist communities that are shortsighted and addicted to growth
3) in the long term (more that 50 yrs from now, possibly much much more, possibly less), we will see levels of wealth, health, and happiness unprecedented in humankind's history fueled by international cooperation, spiritualization of the masses, and efficient use of the world's nearly unimaginable human resources
4) cars are the coolest things. ever. and will remain so. forever.