Monday, October 13, 2008

US doing something right

With all of the negative talk about politics, corruption, and the unfortunate collection of irrelevant (and often false) personal attacks against any person who catches even a tiny fraction of the world's attention, I was happy to see that the US bureaucracy is actually doing something good:

Free wireless internets for everyone.

"The idea of handing out airwaves potentially worth billions didn't go over very well at the agency. But in May, Mr. Martin proposed auctioning off the airwaves to a company willing to set aside some of its airwaves for free use.

The network would have to reach 50% of the U.S. population in four years and 95% within a decade."

So, you'll get free basic service as a teaser for a subscription-based service. Let's just hope the basic service is good enough to carry a phone conversation so millions of us can get out from under cell phone plans.

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