Wednesday, May 14, 2008

moonshine machine

have you ever wanted to produce large amounts of grain alcohol in your garage? we're talking about up to 5 gallons of 200 proof per day.

then maybe you should look into getting an EFUEL100.

it is being sold as a way to produce your own bioethanol (E100) for fueling your car, but really it is just an alcohol fermentation chamber plus a distiller in a box, because ethanol is grain alcohol.

at 14 pounds of sugar (plus some yeast, electricity and water) to produce 1 gallon of 200 proof liquor, it is a cheap (and probably not very tasty) way to die from alcohol poisoning or an expensive way to get around town. your choice. if you're a raging alcoholic who works at a sugar refinery and drives an SUV, this device could change your life forever.

separately, it might make people wonder why they can buy grain alcohol at a gas station for a few bucks a gallon, but buying the same stuff in a liquor store costs so much more.

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