Monday, May 12, 2008

news fail

apparently, Lebanon is experiencing some domestic civil unrest because the government wants to take some radio communication equipment away from the terrorists because they may be using it to coordinate attacks against the government. the spark for the unrest is that the terrorists have popular support.

how could terrorists so dangerous to the domestic government be popular? because they "defend the country against Israeli attacks."

CNN and i use the phrase "defend the country against Israeli attacks" here to mean "instigate Israel to attack."

all of that is just context for CNN's failure as a news source as follows:

"The violence is the worst to hit Lebanon since the end of its civil war in 1991."

i'm sure it is an unpleasant situation and all, but how is it exactly that local rioting mit sticks and stones (and a few Russian machine guns, i'm sure) is more violent than 33 days of 24 hour bombing raids from a modern military power?

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