Wednesday, August 13, 2008

joggers and drunkards: get a room

i see little difference between them, yet one is publicly acceptable - nearly unavoidable, really - while the other is a ticketable offense.

both joggers and drunkards:
1) bring inappropriate bodily fluids to the streets
2) make excessive noise when in groups
3) frequently ignore traffic conventions

i don't really mind people exercising any more than i mind people drinking. i just don't see any reason why my experience in public spaces should suffer so that they can parade their addictions.

that is what dedicated spaces (bars and gyms) are for.

joggers (and drunkards) really don't normally bother me. only when there are dozens of them on my way somewhere are they annoying - as there were this morning on my 3 block 6:15 am walk to my bus stop. it makes me look forward to rainy winter mornings that will break the spirit of most of this self-righteous anti-decorus* crowd. or, at least encourage them to get up late enough that i won't see them.

*adjectival form of decorum that i just made up


roo said...

maybe if you move to a really high mountain there wont be so many joggers or drunkey hollering people.
but like only goats!
or a jungle!
can you imagine a bunch of matchingshinyjogginoutfitpeople with machetes? that would be kinda awesome. no.
..yeah, or maybe the snow will just do it.

shaun said...

umm... or anywhere outside the west coast of the US would probably be good enough.

seems to me people everywhere else in the world think enough of themselves to not be seen in public while disheveled, sweaty, and breathless.