Thursday, August 7, 2008

my next car

as i mentioned this morning, i'm not really into trucks or SUVs.

this is more my style:

engine: 47kW electric motor
top speed: 80mph
range: 100 mi
availability: not commercially available, maybe in 5 yrs or so. in demonstration today.

i'm happy with the car i have today (a 1st gen pontiac vibe aka toyota matrix aka slightly taller toyota corolla hatchback) and can think of no car that would better suit my needs, but electric is just plain cool.

and i'm convinced that the best way to meet the regulatory requirements for huge amounts renewable energy is through the intelligent integration electric cars into the system.

in 5 or 7 years when i want to replace my ride, hopefully this kind of thing will be available at a price point i will be able to tolerate.

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