Thursday, November 13, 2008

usage-based car insurance: about freaking time

Available only in Texas today: car insurance by the mile.

Drive half as much, pay half as much. Unlike some silly, overcomplicated approaches to the problem that use far more technology than necessary, you tell them your current odometer reading and how many miles of insurance you want, then they sell you proof of insurance.


If you lie about the number of miles or keep driving without buying more miles of insurance, then you are driving uninsured.

My only question:

What's the hold-up for nationwide implementation?

As little as I drive, I spend more on insurance than I do on gas, which is more than a bit ridiculous.

Can some national insurer please buy this company and offer their coverage nationally already?

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emily said...


We are glad to see your interest in MileMeter. We take privacy very seriously, that's why we worked so hard to create per-mile insurance without any GPS or tracking devices. It's simple, fair, and affordable.

Thanks for your support and interest. The best way to get MileMeter to your state and nationwide, is to refer your friends and family in Texas to us. Success in Texas means we can expand more quickly to other states.
We would appreciate it!

Thanks again,

-MileMeter team