Thursday, November 20, 2008

why you shouldn't buy a prius - or a volt - or a tesla

Better batteries are coming. Probably sooner than later. They will make today's hybrids look about as cool as Windows 98.

Last week there was a vague announcement in the Korean presses about revolutionary battery technology, that was widely rebroadcast (in the tech gadget community) that I dismissed as unsupported enthusiasm over an unverifiable claim.

Turns out, I was right. Except for the "un" parts.

Their findings have been published in proper scientific journals and referenced somewhat widely.

They know they can build a component that will make batteries much much smaller. The estimate is that the batteries will be 5-10 times smaller.

Roughly speaking, this means replacing a Tesla Roadster's battery pack could give a car that can travel 1500-3000 miles on one charge or the same battery pack could be used to motivate an SUV for 200-400 miles. AKA good enough for 99% of us 99% of the time, AKA the end of petrol.

There are still big challenges to face, but this revelation has the appearance of a major game changer.

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