Friday, December 5, 2008

Chrysler gives up the ghost

Well, not yet. But so soon now.

They've hired Bankruptcy lawyers. Considering how badly this will impact the already abysmal resale values of their vehicles (who wants to own a car from a dead automaker? they reek of unfulfilled promises and unsupported spare parts inventories), I doubt that this is an effort to force the gov't's hand into giving them the bailout.

If you're a fan of awful autos, now may be your last chance to buy that Sebring at anything approaching full price.

I called this BK in May, BTW. And I have re-affirmed it about once a month since then.

SRSLY, though, what automaker that produces rubbish like this to compete with accords and camrys ever had a real chance of survival? Their three valuable brands (Jeep, Hemi, & Viper) will probably be bought and find a way to make it through. All the rest of the trash will evaporate, because even pennies on the dollar is too expensive.


leila said...

you need to change "wreak" to "reek". pls. SRSLY.

shaun said...

nobody cares about dem grammars, thx v much.

changed it ne way, tho.

leila said...

acutally ... it's SPELLING.

and i care. i really, REALLY care.