Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Officially official

I earned a suffix for my name today.


It means that my signed approval can allow a drawing to be used for construction, that my opinion is legally valuable as an expert witness, and that I can do these things virtually anywhere in the world.

And if I lived in Germany, it would mean that polite people would refer to me as "Engineer" the same way that folks 'round here call people "Doctor."


Carissa said...

Now I can brag to all my friends about my brother who is an ENGINEER...that can juggle.

leila said...

that's my man. now we can has move to kazakhstan?

Tom said...

Congrats, Engineer, what color is your train, and caboose

shaun said...

Engineer Tuyuri, thx v much.

And I am not licensed for train operation. Only for electrical design.

TheBehst said...

I remember back when I was in school, I did not do so well in P.E. Congratulations Shaun Tuyuri, PE.