Wednesday, February 11, 2009

cube finally coming to america. updated

Check out the gallery. These cars are beautiful.

It takes all of the things that people loved about the original scion xb - all of the things that were left out of the second generation scion xb - and improves them. Plus adds a healthy dose of asymmetry and a CVT. What could be better?

My only hope is that the sticky hair crowd leave this one alone, so that I can continue to want one.

I'll take mine in moss green, thx v much.

update: another gallery

The only thing I don't get is the tiny circle of shag carpet on the dash. Having a whole shag dash would be cool - or at least interesting. One tiny circle in the middle makes no sense. Fortunately, it is optional.


Tom said...


golriz said...

i've decided the shag circle is supposed to be a place where you can velcro your phone to stop it sliding all over the place. and also so you don't have to attach one of those annoying phone holder contraptions that just get in the way of quickly scanning the radio to avoid britney.

shaun said...

maybe so, but then why not carpet the whole dash?

maybe the idea is to try to make the car ugly to anyone over 25.