Friday, February 13, 2009

new cool tech

solid state refrigeration for the masses.

One of the biggest load growths in the US for the last few decades has been because of people moving to warm areas and getting air conditioning. The sort of device, when it comes to market will probably save a significant amount of energy and provide better performance (solid state means far few moving parts, less noise, less maintenance).


Carissa said...

Shaun, I like your posts. They present technology and economics that I don't understand, but I like that you have such specific knowledge of things.

It makes me see how different our brains work, despite being made from a similar stock.

I know...
Don't be making fun of me in your head...
I'm not a hippy.

shaun said...

i like to think that i have general basic knowledge, rather than specific.

it is far more effective for ending conversations.