Wednesday, December 12, 2007

maybe i should rename this blog again

it seems i am focusing mostly on things to worry about.

declining economy, national debt, climate change, why the cars of the future won't be as cool as they could be, why to never use clearwire

i'd prefer to focus on more stories of potential growth, like the new techs from the national labs, but there just aren't that many. not that i can find, anyway.

by far, most of the economic news is about market share being moved from one company to another, which is fundamentally uninteresting.

most of the science news that i can find is re-affirming assumptions that people were already pretty sure of.

and the world news is mostly meant to scandalize, rather than inform, the reader.

so, how can i talk about growing the pie on a daily basis if i can't find hardly even a passing
mention of new ideas?


leila said...

maybe you could change your sources of information. maybe then you'll find the new ideas you're looking for.

TheBehst said...

Maybe you are too liberal. Growing the Pie-Thagorism requires having a "Right" angle.