Monday, December 3, 2007

news, some of it good

good news about the environment that will likely never make it to mainstream media:
European forests are growing faster than expected and absorbing more CO2 in the process
while i hope the scientists involved have unimpeachable dedication to impartiality, it should be kept in mind that Europe, being part of the Kyoto Protocols, has a lot to gain by overestimating the CO2 absorption of their forests. i'm not calling anyone out yet, i'm just pointing out which direction their incentives point them.

the gov't talks with the lending industry about resolving the housing mess is just for show. the banks repackaged and sold the mortgages already. this means the lenders cannot change the rates to the homeowners without paying the difference to the debt owners. none of the major lenders have the cash to do this.
so, why the highly publicized talks? to try to increase consumer confidence.

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