Wednesday, July 16, 2008

stress-sickness mechanism pinpointed

the mechanism for a decline in health as a result of stress has been identified.

i wonder if this will open the door for a class-action lawsuit against the cable news networks.

they are in the business of increasing our stress level, which leads to a decline in our health, which increases our medical costs and decreases our standard of living.

traffic and jobs are apparently also major contributors. along with the rest of the WASP way of life.

maybe we should sue the estate of Martin Luther.

on an entirely different note, i wonder if this is the real key to the healthiness of olive oil. olive oil is traditionally consumed by communities with low stress levels. low stress levels lead to better health. maybe researchers observed olive oil consumption and better health and made a correlation/causation error.

further, replacing Italian's olive oil with corn oil would increase their stress levels, leading to worse health. researchers would take this as proof of the wrong conclusion.

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