Tuesday, July 1, 2008

why does the developing world get all the best stuff?

specifically within the realm of genetically modified foods, anyway.

first they got Golden Rice (genetically engineered to self-fortify to improve health of populations with diets composed primarily of rice) and now BioCassava is heading their way.

BioCassava is being designed to provide all of the nutrition a droog* needs. vitamins, protein, carbohydrates. Everything. plus, it'll be easier to process than the original, have a longer shelf life, and more resistant to common viruses (via an internal virus interference mechanism, not through the production of crazy chemicals that will give people cancer 20 yrs from now).

meanwhile, back in the rich world, we get whatever genetically modified rubbish Monsanto throws our way. dumb stuff like corn that has a high tolerance to one brand of Monsanto-produced herbicide, so that farmers can use more of Monsanto's brand of herbicide. it is like they aren't even trying to hide the evil.

BioCassava is a present to the poor from Billy and the Gates.

*Russian word for "friend" brought to America via A Clockwork Orange. the target audience for BioCassava isn't Russians. i just like the word.

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TheBehst said...

It's funny that you mentioned it. Each and every time I think Monsanto, the word "evil" comes to my mind.