Thursday, July 3, 2008

worst dollar policy evah

since 2000, the dollar has been increasingly worth less.

this is primarily because of the ridiculously low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve Bank and kept too low for too long.

the most stunning way to visualize this is by looking at how the stock market has performed relative to ounces of gold. priced in gold, the US Dow Jones Industrial (a good proxy for the US market in general) is down about 75% since 2000.

Down 75% in 8 years.

this doesn't mean that the USD is down 75% in 8 years. it means that if you sold 100 oz gold to buy shares of a mix of the largest companies in the US 8 years ago, you could only buy 25 oz worth of gold by selling those same shares to somebody else today. it effectively means that US industries are down 75% versus gold over the last 8 years.

this is the opposite of a strong dollar policy (which our Pres and other people of importance falsely claim to be pursuing). this is the US slowly following Zimbabwe's lead towards a worthless currency.

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