Thursday, January 17, 2008

CNN needs editors, Cuba needs a new dictator

or, at the very least, someone to read articles before publishing to make sure that they mean something.

i mean, what is this?

"I think Fidel is ready to take to take over his historic political role in this globalized world, in humanity," Lula da Silva told reporters as he left Cuba late Tuesday.

the "to take to take" part doesn't really bother me, but lets look at the sentence without that mistake:

"Fidel is ready to take over his role in this globalized world, in humanity." what does that mean?

take his role over from who or what, exactly? read it in context. it still doesn't mean anything. i assume that there has been an acting dictator standing in for him while he was unwell, but the article refers to no plans for him to resume his role.

in fact, he specifically mentions at the end:

Castro, however, expressed frustration in his essay: "I do what I can: I write. For me, this is a new experience: Writing is not the same as speaking."

making it quite clear he is not in a state of health that will allow him to dictate.

so, how can he be a dictator, right? if can't dictate.

dictator, dictate.


forget it.

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