Friday, January 25, 2008

CO2 buffer mechanism?

i've stated previously that i think trees are the best shot we have to sequester CO2, reduce the impacts of climate change, and generally improve the planet

(i can't find the post b/c my titles are pretty useless, but i'm pretty sure it exists. the quick and dirty version: trees capture CO2, produce fresh water, regulate the climate, are beautiful, and many of them produce useful products).

as it turns out, the forests agree to at least the first part. a recent study showed that higher levels of CO2 in the air leads to a longer growing season. a longer growing season means more CO2 gets converted into wood each year. it is a negative feedback on atmospheric CO2. the more CO2 is in the air, the faster it gets removed from the air.

i have no idea how big or small of a factor this is in the global scheme of things, but every bit helps, right?

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