Monday, January 14, 2008

conservatory or greenhouse. either way, i want one

i was watching a video about how the UK housing bubble crash is going to be so much worse than the one in the US and it included a house with a beautiful conservatory, which reminded me that i want one. i would probably call it a greenhouse (not wanting to sound pretentious or English) and keep more plants than furniture in it, though.

here is the video. for reference, the UK isn't expected to be the worst housing crash. that honor is reserved for Spain, though many of the houses there are owned by English people, so who can say where the financial pain will be worst.

given my druthers, i'd go for a yurt or geodesic style greenhouse with the upper panels made out of plexiglass and the lower out of glass, probably with a white anodized aluminum frame. how you could make this look like anything other than a weird 1970's futuristic blight on the viewscape is beyond me. i guess i'll have to wait until i live without neighbors.

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