Friday, January 18, 2008

Peace Treaty by 2009?

remember those insane claims about Peace between Israel and the Palestinian Territories by 2009?

Israel closes Gaza's borders in response to continuous rocket assaults.
to get a sense of how metered and appropriate a response this is, consider what the US response would be if there were terrorists in Mexico shooting rockets at Houston and the Mexican Government publicly supported the effort. would we close borders or would we shock and awe?

Israel tests new long range missile capable of delivering nuclear warheads (that they have never admitted to having) to anywhere in the region.
they've demonstrated their willingness to act unilaterally and have said that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but mostly this missile is a defense against the idea of the rest of the region ganging up and attempting to invade Israel again. nobody is willing to lose their capitol city just to push the Jews into the sea, not even Iran. this guarantees that the Palestinian Territories will remain controlled by terrorist organizations funded by hostile nations. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria would like to invade Israel, but none will risk having their cities destroyed. so, they'll put more money into Hamas and let the Palestinians die instead.

does this sound like we are moving in the direction of peace by 2009?

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