Friday, February 15, 2008

adblock plus

a recent announcement that google is getting into the video banner ad industry has reminded me that i really hate ads.

i understand that ads may be important to somebody and could theoretically benefit society in some way, but it seems to me they are a greater source of evil than good. at the very least, they are a huge source of distraction and annoyance for me. this is why i don't watch tv in the US (other countries only break for ads once or twice every 30 minutes, if you can imagine). it is also why i use mozilla with adblock plus installed. it blocks about 90% of ads.

unfortunately, as i understand it mozilla is funded by google and google only makes money by selling ads (seriously, they are a huge rich company that does all of this cool stuff that i love and stands for the free internet and seems so cool, but their only income is from their banner ads), so it is only a matter of time before adblock gets disappeared or subverted.

in the meantime, try it out. i think you'll find the internets far more enjoyable when experienced ad-free. it just looks so much neater and cleaner and stylistically consistent.

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Elliott Vreeland said...

Good call on this one. I've been using this as well.