Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the next bubble and why it has nothing to do with China

Harpers magazine agrees with me that the next bubble will be alternative energy at the end of a longish article about how the US is so screwed up that we can only grow through bubbles.

It won't be the same sort of bubble as housing or the internets, though. It will actually create real value to society for several years before hyperinflating itself into shameful oblivion. Considering how big, slow, and heavily regulated the energy industry is, it seems possible we may only see the growth part of the coming energy bubble, without the nasty crash.

Another, unrelated article, suggests that GE is an excellent stock to own if you expect the US (or anywhere else, really) to have a nuclear or renewable energy future, which, of course, seems nearly inevitable today.

Also, two separate articles recently suggested that China may be approaching the end of their meteoric economic growth for inevitable demographic reasons and various other factors.

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