Friday, February 22, 2008

good stuff coming soon

i've got a pretty big post i'm thinking about. it may turn into two or three. i hope to have the chance to write it up this evening. it has been a couple of busy days

so, this is a teaser:

demographics are a pain. 1/3 of Japan's population will be retired in the near future.

Darpa still rocks.

all we need is energy. seriously, i'm pretty convinced that the only technical issue we face today is energy. there are plenty of huge social, political, and moral issues, but energy is the only technical issue that we really need to worry about. that, and maybe the next generation of environmental engineering.

reactivating the immune systems of people with HIV.
which brings us back to demographics and how much of a pain they are. or will be.

anyway, i think i'll have fun writing it. hopefully tonight. at the moment, i have to head off to an energy symposium at my alma mater.

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