Friday, February 1, 2008

bionic ear, anyone?

new hearing replacement devices send signals directly to the brain.

the sound gets pretty distorted, but users apparently get used to it pretty quickly.

i'm kind of floundering for topics here. everyone is talking about the debt, recession, and credit problems now. 60 minutes even did a piece on it. they missed the wider impact, but i have only weakly supportable opinions on the wider impact.

peak oil and climate change are universally acknowledged.

i have opinions about who the next PUSA should be, but don't really want to talk about them.

the idea of peace in Israel anytime in the near future is so ridiculous that it doesn't even deserve to be mocked.

and there just isn't that much news in the areas of scientific development on a day to day basis.

so, this is me signing off until something new sparks my interest, i guess.


leila said...

you could write about any one of the intensely interesting topics i bring up in the evenings. like the dynamic relationship between our brains and our cochleas.

love from leila

shaun said...

you may be the only person who reads my posts with any regularity, so why repeat our conversations here?

anyway, i only bothered with the electromechanic ear inplant link b/c of the book you're reading

liamk said...
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liamk said...
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liamk said...

I read your posts regularly Shaun. I have a little folder in my bookmarks, called 'morning sites', that I look at, between waking up and having a shower...theres a couples of news sites, a wrestling site and your blog...I usually look at your's before the news sites because I think what you're talking about sounds interesting and I realise how uninformed I am!
Cochlea is a funny word...
...I think I know what it means...
if theres a relationship between mine and my brain it's definetly dynamic.