Friday, February 8, 2008

Peace in the Middle East (final confirmation)

the PM of Palestine has said he doesn't see a Peace accord with Israel in 2008.

this should come as no surprise, considering that the PM of Palestine has no ability to establish peace within Palestine. the Gaza strip is still controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization that continues to shoot rockets into Israel on a daily basis.

don't get me wrong, the area isn't a flaming wreck. i'm sure life goes on as usual for most people, except that now Gaza is no longer getting electricity delivered to them by Israel. but, it is nowhere near a peace deal, no matter what any leader of the free world might say.

this is my second or third post since our president made a foolish claim about peace in Israel, so i think i'm done with the subject until another leader of the free world makes a silly claim that barely references reality.

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